Whether untreated or coated:

You can rely on materials from Pfleiderer

Shelves, platforms, stairs and raised access flooring have to be able to withstand the pressures of everyday life in the logistics area. With the right wood-based material panels, Pfleiderer ensure that warehouse racking can be realised fast, cost-efficiently and in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations.

Pfleiderer PremiumBoard:

It says what it says it does - reliably!

Pfleiderer PremiumBoard combines extreme bending strength, a high load-bearing capacity and robustness with excellent processing properties. The amino resin bonded raw chipboard panels offer above-average stability and can be used either way as they are isotropic; they are also designed for minimum off-cut waste. The calm and sanded surface is perfect for any kind of coating. On request, PremiumBoard is also available in a PEFC or FSC certified version; low resin wood-based materials also guarantee low VOC emissions. It is also available in a fire resistant version called PremiumBoard Pyroex B1 P4 for use in areas where safety is paramount.

Pfleiderer DecoBoard:

Cleverly designed, high-performance melamine coated core panels

High-quality surface, hard core. DecoBoard offers a special added value in the area of shelf and platform construction: its static properties equal that of PremiumBoard, but it is also equipped with a melamine resin based surface coating. On request, it can also be finished with the surface texture Skidproof, and therefore achieve the slip resistance rating R10. The reverse has a white top layer, which considerably improves the lighting conditions in warehouses.

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