A Health Park

For the Senses

The Leverkusen Hospital shows how a pleasant, natural atmosphere can support the recovery process of patients: There is no trace of sterile cold and sobriety in this "health park". Instead, the rooms organically pick up on the warm, natural colour worlds of meadows, beds and trees as well as the play of light from the surrounding park. The challenge was to create an aesthetic ambience which at the same time meets the strict hygiene requirements of a hospital. All elements of the interior design had to be easy to clean, wet washable and disinfectable. The interior designers of HDR GmbH worked closely with Pfleiderer in designing the interior:


Object: Clinic Leverkusen
Project year: 2017
Executing architectural office: HDR TMK planning company mbH
Processed products: U11026 Crystal White, U11027 Icy White, U15133 Stone grey, VV Top Velvet, Duropal HPL, Duropal HPL Pyroex, Duropal HPL SolidColor


For example, the nurse counters were made of Duropal HPL SolidColor Crystal White. The interior furniture of the cabinets in the patients' rooms and design elements of the corridors are also made of Pfleiderer products. The laminates from Pfleiderer proved to be particularly practical here because they are extremely scratch and impact resistant and also meet the B1 fire protection requirements. "As architects, we are very pleased that we are able to implement such unusual design concepts in the healthcare sector thanks to the numerous possibilities offered by laminates with their variety of decors and structures," says Dorothee Vorschütz, HDR GmbH.


Sustainable Living


Object: Wormhouse, Zabłocie, Poland
Project year: 2017/2018
Architect: Piotr Kuczia
Processed products: PremiumBoard MFP P5, LivingBoard

Living space is becoming increasingly limited. The trend is therefore towards individual, well considered living solutions on just a few square metres. The Polish architect Piotr Kuczia was faced with the challenge of building a small house for a family of four on a very narrow and long parcel of land with a low budget. Due to its caterpillar-like shape, the building was given the name "Wormhouse".  From the very beginning, Kuczia designed his "Wormhouse" as a sustainable, environmentally friendly project:

the basic construction is made of moisture-resistant PremiumBoard MFP P5 chipboard. Maximum energy efficiency is ensured by the innovative insulation with a membrane façade, the ribs of which were realised with the light and resource-saving board LivingBoard from Pfleiderer. Even the board waste was further processed. Thus, the LivingBoard leftovers were used to create not only an adjustable bed construction, but also a sitting area made of foldable furniture. Kuczia chose LivingBoard because it is particularly easy to process and is also produced with a completely formaldehyde-free binder. This means that the board's emission values even fall below the specifications of the "Blue Angel" environmental label. In 2018, the "Wormhouse" received the German Design Award in the category Excellent Communication Design

Healthy Air

to Breathe

Ecological building with renewable raw materials is demonstrably good for health. In the case of wood-based materials, it is important to comply with the legally defined limit values for formaldehyde emissions. Pfleiderer products already meet the stricter guidelines that apply in the American and Japanese markets. LivingBoard even offers completely formaldehyde-free gluing. The board is made of low-resin spruce and a formaldehyde-free binder and convinces with top values in terms of bending strength, thickness swelling and mechanical strength. The VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds) are sufficiently low to meet the highest requirements for residential construction.

When the city of Lübbecke insisted on the use of ecologically harmless woods when building a refugee home in 2017 and excluded the use of Styrofoam and mineral wool, the choice fell on LivingBoard from Pfleiderer. The building consists of two blocks of flats which will provide a safe and healthy home for up to 35 refugees before the complex is integrated into the social housing system of the city of Lübbecke.


Object: Refugee home
Project year: since 2017
Building owner: Stadt Lübbecke
Construction manager: Mario Drees
Carpenter: Profibau GmbH
Processed products: LivingBoard



for the World


Object: Internationaler Küchenbau
Project Year: since 2016
Vendor: Störmer GmbH & Co. KG
Processed Products: DecoBoard V100ä F****


Cooking is done all over the world. In most regions today, the kitchen is a central place to meet with family and friends not only for a meal but also for a cheerful chat. But the climatic conditions differ considerably in different parts of the world – temperate Central European climate, tropical heat and humidity or arctic coldness sometimes place extreme demands on the kitchen. Pfleiderer supplies the materials that can easily withstand even 95 % humidity. The multinational kitchen manufacturer Störmer GmbH & Co. KG therefore relies entirely on the cooperation with Pfleiderer. One result of this cooperation is "DecoBoard V100ä F****": resistant to moisture, glued with reduced formaldehyde, certified by the Quality Association for Wood-Based Panels and awarded the "Blue Angel" seal of approval. This means that the premium manufacturer even meets the standards and requirements in Japan, which currently has the strictest formaldehyde emission requirements for wood-based materials in the world. With DecoBoard V100ä F****, Pfleiderer provides a low-swelling and low-emission board that can be used to fulfil kitchen dreams all over the world.


Luxury Interiors

Relax, dine and get to know the most beautiful corners of the world: luxury holidays on a cruise ship are still very popular. On a whole series of these ocean liners, maritime products from Pfleiderer demonstrate that sustainability can also be realised at sea. Thanks to certification by the International Maritime Organization, Pfleiderer laminates can be used almost everywhere on cruise liners for interior design. The cruise company Royal Caribbean, for example, uses the advantages of Pfleiderer decors with their flame-retardant surface material on all its ships and in more than 30,000 cabins. But not only safety, but also weight plays a major role in the interior design of the ships. This is why weight-reduced panels are particularly popular in shipbuilding. The low weight reduces transport costs and CO2 emissions. The timeless and robust Pfleiderer decors are also designed for long-term use, so that the ship's interior fittings do not have to be renewed after just a few years.


Object: Seabourn Encore
Project year: 2017
Architect: Tihany Design, New York
Processed products: Duropal HPL, DecoBoard, R40003 Indian Apple red (excusive), R30026 Missouri Walnut


Low Emission

Hybrid Ships

For many years, Pfleiderer has been serving the special demand for materials and decors that meet the specific requirements of shipbuilding. In 2019, the MS Roald Amundsen was the first of two passenger ships in the Hurtigruten fleet to be launched, which are equipped with environmentally friendly and sustainable hybrid technology. With an innovative hull design and the efficient use of on-board power, hybrid technology enables fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to be reduced by 20 percent. The energy efficiency of the two hybrid ships is also enhanced by the interior fittings using particularly light but robust materials from Pfleiderer. Low weight is one of the basic requirements for saving fuel and thus protecting the environment. The Pfleiderer materials used also meet the highest standards of moisture resistance and preventive fire protection in public areas such as corridors, staircases, bars and restaurants. They are certified by the International Maritime Organization.


Object: MS Roald Amundsen
Project year: 2018
Client: Hurtigruten GmbH
Processed products: Duropal HPL IMO, DecoBoard P2, R20065 Mountain Oak dark, R42006 Cherry Havanna, R55001 Pinie Navarra, MO Navarra, RU Rustic Wood


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