The facade plays a decisive role in shaping people's first impression of a building and protects the structure. As a facade cladding manufacturer, Pfleiderer offers an innovative material for facade solutions that thoroughly impress both in terms of their functionality as well as their aesthetics – Duropal XTerior compact.



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Explore the design possibilities of our Duropal XTerior compact facade panels with the help of our facade configurator, which allows you to visualise various colour concepts, fixing methods, substructures as well as panel formats and combinations for a wide range of applications.

Try it out and see for yourself the almost unlimited design possibilities.

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First Choice: Exterior HPL facade cladding

The choice of facade design materials is wide. However, no other solution combines a protective effect, design variety, durability and easy handling as perfectly as Duropal XTerior compact facade panels.



Have a look at our installation videos and learn all about the correct storage, cutting and installation of our HPL facade cladding panels.

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Our exterior wall cladding panels are made of durable High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) – and offer unique properties that make them the ideal material for facades:


  • Fascinating look and feel
  • Extremely robust and weather resistant
  • Unparalleled wide choice of colours and decors
  • Low maintenance finish with anti-fingerprint and anti-graffiti properties
  • Suitable for residential and commercial construction and renovation projects

Eye-catcher: facades with design scope

Whether matching, contrasting or in the form of considered accents – our unparalleled wide decor collection unlocks previously unimagined and almost unlimited facade design possibilities. In this way, Pfleiderer provides the optimal basis for the precise realisation of colour concepts – from a harmonious overall design to individual contrasting highlights and the showcasing of materiality, through to the accentuation of the structure of parts of buildings or ensembles.

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Perfectly equipped for defying the elements

The facade is any building's most important protective envelope against all external influences. The more reliably it protects the structure against moisture, sunlight and physical impacts, the better. Good to know that Duropal XTerior compact facade panels are the first choice when it comes to meeting the building physics requirements long-term.

Timelessly attractive and easy to care for

Whether a facade still looks as beautiful as it did on the first day is a question of the right material. Thanks to their functional surface, our facade panels are an excellent choice: it is easy to remove graffiti and dirt and they are resistant to fingerprints.

Conserving resources with HPL facade cladding

Pfleiderer's facade panels can make a decisive contribution towards reducing the environmental footprint and the more resource-efficient design of buildings, because at end of their primary period of use or in the event of changes to the building, they can be removed with relatively little effort and sorted for recycling by material type. They are also suitable for thermal recycling.

Sustainability at Pfleiderer

Individual advice


Manfred Wude

Segmentmanager Facade

Mr. Wude has many years of experience in project consulting for facades. His knowledge and trained eye will find a functional and aesthetic solution for your challenges.

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A job for XTerior compact facade panels

Whether directly during its original construction or within the scope of the modernisation of a building – Pfleiderer's HPL facade panels are an impressively affordable and durable rear-ventilated facade cladding option. Both on residential as well as commercial properties, they give the building precisely the look its designers and developers were aiming for.


  • Detached homes and apartment blocks
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Educational establishments and offices
  • Commercial and industrial buildings

Rear-ventilated facades: systematic solution for optimum results

The quality of a facade depends on both the cladding system and the material. With Duropal XTerior compact facade panels, rear-ventilated cladding can be realised in all versions flexibly in line with the respective building conditions and aesthetic requirements – for facade concepts that offer thoroughly impressive benefits.

Balustrades and balconies – coherent design in every detail

Balconies and balcony balustrades are important design elements for the overall look of a building. With Pfleiderer's facade panels, particularly the balconies on apartment blocks can be perfectly visually integrated into the overall look of the building. Whether in a matching colour or as contrasting elements – with HPL balcony cladding, the design options are unlimited.

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To support you in the best-possible way, we offer you a range of helpful facade planning tools.

FAQs – Frequently asked questions about facade panels

What is HPL facade cladding made of?

Pfleiderer's exterior facade cladding panels consist of extremely robust High-Pressure Laminate with a compact, homogeneous dyed core and a single- or double-sided weather-resistant functional layer. On request, they are also available in a fire resistant version.

The design of the cladding panels is given by decorative papers that are pressed together with the core layers under heat and high pressure during the manufacturing process. The result is a material that perfectly meets all requirements with regard to functionality, protective effect, durability and aesthetics.

Which areas of use are facade panels suitable for?

Pfleiderer's HPL facade panels are a particularly suitable choice for rear-ventilated facade (RVF) cladding, as well as balconies, balustrades and privacy screens.

In Germany, the Duropal XTerior compact facade panels with a standard fire rating can be used up to building class 2 (top floor ceiling up to a maximum height of 7m), and the flame retardant facade panels Duropal XTerior compact F up to building class 5 (top floor ceiling up to a maximum height of 22 m).

The respective local building regulations generally specify how and where they may be used. Please refer to and comply with the respectively latest version of these if you intend to use our facade panels outside of Germany.

How are HPL facade panels processed and installed?

You can use the usual woodworking tools for facade cladding manufactured by Pfleiderer, just as you would for hardwood or standard compact laminates. However, the tools must be carbide tipped. When using larger quantities, we recommend the use of diamond tipped tools, as this extends the tool life span.

We recommend the following fixing methods for rear-ventilated cladding created with Duropal XTerior compact facade panels:


  • Concealed fixing on metal substructure with agraffes
  • Visible fixing on metal substructure with rivets
  • Visible fixing on wood substructure with screws

The panels can be attached as balcony balustrades with rivets, balcony screws or glass clamps. To guarantee safety, they must be fitted by a professional.

Please refer to our fitting instructions for more detailed information on how to work with and fit our HPL facade cladding .

What different types of HPL facade panels are available?

The manufacturer Pfleiderer offers facade panels with a standard and a flame retardant fire rating. The large panel sheets are available in a thickness of six to thirteen millimetres and can also be individually cut to size for unusual facade designs. The visual design options are also almost unlimited, thanks to a wide decor collection.

In which designs is HPL facade cladding available?

Pfleiderer offers a wide and varied collection of exterior facade cladding designs: choose from realistic woodgrains, stone, metal and other authentic material reproductions as well as a range of stylish plain colours. You will find a wide selection of over 170 designs in our XTerior compact Collection.

The material has a matt, velvety surface texture called Exterior Matt. This ensures a sophisticated look that turns any facade into a fascinating, eye-catching feature from any viewing angle and in all weathers.

Where can I purchase rivets and screws in colours that match the decors?

Rivets and screws with painted heads in colours to match the Pfleiderer XTerior compact Collection, as well as suitable fixing accessories, are available from various manufacturers for the installation of Duropal XTerior compact facade cladding.

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