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Pfleiderer wood-based materials for all kinds of packing crate and case construction

When valuable machines and industrial products are shipped, they have to be transported in high-quality crates and cases. With Pfleiderer's range of packing construction panels, you are perfectly prepared for this challenge, as our wood-based materials are robust, easy to work with the usual woodworking machinery and also suitable for spray painted or roller applied labelling, thanks to their sanded surfaces. The ideal choice for everyone that wants to reliably transport goods from A to B.

Pfleiderer Premiumboard MFP P5:

Multifunctional packing construction panels

PremiumBoard MFP P5 offers the ideal properties for packing construction: the amino resin bonded raw chipboard is moisture resistant, can be used in any direction and is also approved for crate construction according to the HPE guidelines. The material is also food safe; the packing crates are therefore also suitable for storing dry goods. On request, PremiumBoard MFP P5 is also available in a PEFC or FSC certified version and can be labelled with the IPPC standard ISMP 15 for international trade.

Pfleiderer Livingboard face P5 contiprotect:

The low emission natural solution

Bonded formaldehyde-free, moisture resistant yet still extremely tough right up to the edges – that's LivingBoard Face P5 Contiprotect for you. The moisture resistant PU bonding and the rough, heat-treated Contiprotect surface guarantee very little thickness and edge swell and even offer protection during short periods of heavy rain.

Pfleiderer Styleboard HDF thin:

Ideal for layering and partitions

The rough, extremely dense fibreboard keeps everything in order inside the packing crate. It has a fine, hard surface and offers excellent stability. It is therefore outstandingly easy to work with, for example when it comes creating shelves for layering or partitions to divide components or materials.


PremiumBoard MFP P5

Particleboard MFP, type P5 in accordance with EN 312, suitable for load-bearing purposes in damp areas.

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LivingBoard face contiprotect P5

Wood particleboard type P5 in accordance with EN 312, for structural purposes, for use in humid conditions, uncoated and 100 % formaldehyde-free bonding.

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LivingBoard face contiprotect P7

Wood particleboard type P7 in accordance with EN 312, heavy-duty, for structural purposes for use in humid conditions, uncoated and 100 % formaldehyde-free bonding.

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