Duropal SolidColor colour core laminates open up unique possibilities in high-quality furniture and interior fitting. The fine materials offer an exclusive, monochrome design without visible joints or edges, providing a high-quality alternative to lacquered elements or solid materials.


Attractive looks and consistent quality are in demand in modern interior design. That is why Pfleiderer offers colour core laminates not only as HPL panels, but also in practical combinations with wood-based panel cores.

Perfect look, impeccable function - the advantages of colour core laminates

Reduction to the essential

The idea: a clean, minimalist interior design. The solution: colour core laminate - a simple material reduced to the essentials, with a perfectly matched core and surface colour. Whether in black, grey or white, Duropal SolidColor laminates are used to create stylish furniture and interior fittings


  • reduced, monochrome design
  • modern, neutral colours
  • harmonious, jointless look

Solid surfaces with added value

Interior design is about more than an aesthetic appearance. Duropal SolidColor is a high-quality yet robust surface material that ensures that furniture and installations still look like new even after years of use. The colour core laminates are


  • hardwearing and impact resistant
  • suitable for vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • antimicrobial and easy care
  • safe in contact with food
  • and chemically resistant.

Impressive matt highlights

Silky, extremely matt and superfine, is how the XTreme variants of our colour core laminates present themselves. The high-end finish for exceptional design also has impressive functional properties:


  • Anti-fingerprint effect
  • particularly easy to clean
  • pleasantly warm, velvety soft touch
  • extremely scratch resistant and durable

Use Duropal SolidColor XTreme to create supermatt design concepts, which are aesthetic, robust and suitable for daily use– wherever and however you want.

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Possible applications for through colour laminates

With Duropal SolidColor you can create a harmonious and visually attractive interior design: The HPL with coloured core is a high quality, aesthetically pleasing material that is also suitable for high traffic areas such as


Unadulterated Purism: the Duropal Solidcolor colour palette

The trend in interior design towards purism and reduction, towards a pared-down style for furniture and interiors, is unmistakable. – Whether black, grey or white colour core laminate, the neutral plain colours of our Duropal SolidColor laminates can be used to implement a timeless and nonetheless striking design stylishly.

And the good thing is: the colour core laminates can be combined with all other Pfleider decorative panels with identical colour and texture for design concepts across all trades.

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Duropal Solidcolor - quality through to the core

When it comes to practical and durable solutions, appearance is only one aspect of quality. Therefore, with the colour core laminates from Pfleiderer, the inner values are also right: with our SolidColor products you have access to a tested, sustainable and functional product range - and you can fulfil your customers' wishes without compromise.

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FAQ – frequently asked questions about colour core laminate

What is colour core laminate?

Laminate sheets are made up of paper layers, which are impregnated with thermosetting resins. Unlike conventional laminate sheets, when producing through colour laminate, only paper with identical colours are used for the core and surface. These are impregnated with clear melamine resin and are pressed together at high pressure of over 50 bar and temperatures of over 120 degrees Celsius. The resulting laminate is used as surface material. It is characterised by its homogeneous colour and is extremely robust and resistant.

The European standard EN 438 - Part 9 defines the performance requirements for alternative core laminates, as they are called in the standard, for indoor applications.

By the way: through-dyed Duropal SolidColor laminate sheets are not to be confused with Duropal compact laminates.  Duropal SolidColor has the same colour as the decorative surface and, thanks to its sanded back, can also be used with different core materials. Duropal HPL Compact on the other hand, has a decorative surface on both sides, a black, grey or white core and is available with a wide range of decorative surfaces.

What advantages do colour core laminates offer?

Duropal SolidColor is an attractive material for surface and edge applications, with the high performance characteristics of Duropal HPL. The homogeneously coloured core laminate sheets offer the freedom of monochrome design of furniture and interior fitting without visible butt edges and joints. They can be used both horizontally and vertically and are suitable even for highly frequented areas.

HPL with coloured core from Pfleiderer is

  • resistant to abrasion, impact and scratches
  • stain resistant and disinfectable
  • easy to clean
  • food safe
  • antimicrobial and hygienic
  • non-fading

How are colour core laminates used in other processes?

HPL with a coloured core is always produced in sheets and is therefore available as a full-size material for custom cutting. The back of the panels can be glued, allowing them to be bonded to suitable wood-based panel cores, usually MDF or particleboard.

A completely symmetrical lay-up is required to produce dimensionally stable flat-bonded elements, i.e. exactly the same laminate material must be used on the front and back. This has already been taken into account in our Duropal SolidColor flat-bonded elements: you will receive pre-finished panel materials with symmetrical lay-up directly from the factory.

Colour core laminates are used not only as a surface material but also as an edge material: thanks to the perfectly matched HPL core, a smooth transition between all surfaces is achieved on chamfering the edge - for a monolithic look with no visible joints or edges.

The handling, storage and use of coloured core laminates always requires special care, as they are not only harder but also slightly more brittle. Please refer to our Instructions for Use and read the information sheets issued by the proHPL specialists (

Does Pfleiderer have other panels with through-dyed core?

In addition to the homogeneously through-dyed Duropal SolidColor laminate sheets, the Pfleiderer product range also includes other panel materials with coloured cores:


All through-dyed sheet materials from Pfleiderer are available in large, economical sizes and can be cut to size as needed in the further processing.


SolidColor laminate sheets are also available with our functional XTreme Matt (XMSM) surface. The texture provides a matt surface combined with an anti-fingerprint effect. Find out more about Duropal SolidColor XTreme and our other FunXTional products.

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