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Construction materials, decorative surfaces and doors from one source

Whether public buildings, business premises or sophisticated residential properties: interior outfitting with wood-based materials unlocks a range of fascinating possibilities for designing space concepts and usage situations bespoke and visually attractive. Pfleiderer's wood-based materials can be used to master all challenges, from static load-bearing construction elements to decorative panelling and matching furniture:

  • Doors
  • Walls
  • Fitted furniture
  • Window sills
  • etc.

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Pfleiderer's wood-based materials for doors and interior outfitting

Why waste time looking around when everything is available from one source? Pfleiderer's wood-based materials are guided by the requirements of interior outfitters down to the last detail: 

A prime example is our door range, which includes core materials for the door jamb, frame and filling. Duropal HPL also permits a suitable coating. If required, our core materials are also available in moisture resistant or fire retardant versions. 

Pfleiderer also offers unusual products specifically for sophisticated furniture construction, such as our DecoBoard HDF Varnished or PrimeBoard, for example – with a high-quality matt or high gloss surface, including anti-fingerprint properties. Both are available in an extensive choice of finishes and, of course, in formats that ensure minimum off-cut waste and can be combined with our DST system in the same finish. 



Anyone who requires additional safety in interior fitouts and finishes, will find the solution in the antimicrobial effect of the microPLUS® surface. The fact is, bacteria, or rather microbes, are our constant companions. Whether at home, in the office, in public facilities, in the care sector or in hospitals: the initiators of infections pose an acute problem almost everywhere.

The product versions in which microPLUS® are available are as diverse as the possible uses: Depending on requirements, DecoBoard melamine-faced decorative chipboards, high-pressure laminates, compact boards, worktops, composite (flat-bonded) and front elements can be supplied with the antimicrobial surface. There is also a wide range of design choices - microPLUS® is available for DecoBoard in the DST Xpress collection and for HPL in the entire design collection. microPLUS® also excels in terms of the product and structural combination of HPL and DecoBoard, allowing the products to be combined in a variety of ways in many application areas of different projects.

Discover more information about microPLUS®.


Duropal XTreme plus

Decorative high pressure laminate in standard quality based on EN 438-3:HGS/VGS, with robust, electron beam cured surface and sanded reverse. Duropal XTreme plus is an attractive supermatt surface material with an anti-fingerprint effect, which is ideal for horizontal, heavily used surfaces.

Learn more about Duropal XTreme plus

Duropal HPL

Decorative high pressure laminate in postforming quality according to EN 438-3:HGP/VGP, with robust melamine resin surface and sanded reverse.

Learn more about Duropal HPL

Duropal HPL Compact, black core

Compact high pressure laminate in standard quality according to EN 438-4:CGS. With uniform black-coloured core and decorative melamine resin surface on both sides.

Learn more about Duropal HPL Compact, black core

DecoBoard Pyroex

Flame resistant particleboard with decorative melamine resin facing on both faces.

Learn more about DecoBoard Pyroex

Duropal Element P2

Flat bonded element consisting of a particleboard construction, Type P2 to EN 312, surfaced on both sides with Duropal HPL.

Learn more about Duropal Element P2

Duropal Windowboard FBL

Windowboard with a moisture-resistant particleboard core to EN 312, faced with sturdy Duropal HPL to EN 438. The postforming longitudinal edge has a radius of 3 mm and has a folded edge. The 38 mm folded edge is a visual highlight. It allows recesses to be elegantly concealed or radiator covers to be connected.

Learn more about Duropal Windowboard FBL

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