Our wood-based materials make an active contribution to hygiene

Bacteria, germs and viruses on the surfaces of furniture and interior fittings pose a real risk of infection. Surfaces must be cleaned regularly with sometimes aggressive agents, particularly in areas with a high number of visitors or with specific hygiene requirements. Pfleiderer has therefore developed surfaces that can help reduce the risk of transmission or infection and make an important contribution towards health protection.

The Pfleiderer hygiene products are, among others, particularly suitable for the following application areas:

  • Clinics, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies
  • Educational institutions
  • Hotels and catering
  • Sports, nursing, rehabilitation and wellness facilities
  • Cruise ships, motorhomes, food transportation vehicles
  • etc.

Two levels of protection

Pfleiderer hygiene products are available in two levels, depending on the requirement.Our classic HPL and DecoBoard products have antimicrobial properties, i.e. they reduce germs and bacteria within 24 hours1. The innovative microPLUS® surface is also available for selected products, and provides even faster and more comprehensive protection: It provides antimicrobial protection in just 7 hours2 – and, as an antiviral surface, is even effective against enveloped viruses within 24 hours3!

Reliable: antimicrobial effect in 24 hours

Pfleiderer products have an antimicrobial surface that boosts hygiene protection. This means they reduce 99.9% of all bacteria and germs that come into contact with the surface within 24 hours. Their effectiveness is classified in accordance with JIS Z 2801 / ISO 22196 and documented in independent test procedures.

The following products have an antimicrobial finish as standard:

Duropal XTreme plus

Decorative high pressure laminate in standard quality based on EN 438-3:HGS/VGS, with robust, electron beam cured surface and sanded reverse. Duropal XTreme plus is an attractive supermatt surface material with an anti-fingerprint effect, which is ideal for horizontal, heavily used surfaces.

Learn more about Duropal XTreme plus

Duropal HPL

Decorative high pressure laminate in postforming quality according to EN 438-3:HGP/VGP, with robust melamine resin surface and sanded reverse.

Learn more about Duropal HPL

DecoBoard P2

Urea resin bonded particleboard with decorative melamine facing on both faces, awarded with the Blue Angel.

Learn more about DecoBoard P2

Duropal Worktop Cubix P2

Worktop with particleboard core type P2 to EN 312, surface bonded with highly resistant Duropal HPL to EN 438, underside sealed with water-repellent backing. The postforming front edge of the Cubix worktop has a radius of 2 mm, the rear edge is sealed with a protective edging strip. As a variant it is also available with profiled edges on both sides.

Learn more about Duropal Worktop Cubix P2

Health protection without limits

The standard antimicrobial products have the same outstanding properties and the same wide selection of design options you would expect from Pfleiderer. In practice, this means:


  • Full selection of decor and structures from the DST system
  • All the options of the Pfleiderer Individual digital printing process
  • Standard format selection and availability
  • Unchanged product and processing properties (fire protection, damp environments, IMO certification, etc.),

Unique: microPLUS, the surface with antiviral properties

The innovative microPLUS® surface sets totally new standards for health protection with wood-based materials: It provides significantly faster antimicrobial protection within 7 hours2 and is also able to reduce enveloped viruses3 upon contact with the surface, even the most recent coronavirus3. This property is unique to Pfleiderer, and enables users to implement unique concepts in situations that require the highest standards of health protection.  

More details on the properties of microPLUS® is available on our Info page



1 antimicrobial effect within 24 hours in accordance with JIS Z 2801 / ISO 22196

2 antimicrobial effect within 7 hours in accordance with JIS Z 2801 / ISO 22196

3 antiviral effect against enveloped viruses within 24 hours in accordance with ISO 21702:2019, including HI virus, SARS coronavirus 1 and 2 and West Nile virus

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