High-quality lacquered boards in high-gloss and matt finishes

Pfleiderer lacquered boards are the premium solution in furniture, and interior fittings as well as for the outdoor area. With us as the manufacturer you receive lacquered panels in high-gloss or matt. Discover our diverse range and realise your ideas.

Lacquered boards for interiors: our PrimeBoard XTreme product range

New options for high end furniture and interior fitting standards are offered by the innovative lacquered boards in matt and mirror gloss finishes.

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Timeless quality for elegant interiors

Thanks to the innovative multilayer lacquering technology, our boards achieve a fascinating visual and tactile effect – perfectly combined with outstanding surface properties.

The lacquered board with XTreme high-gloss surface is extremely elegant: It has a convincingly perfect mirror finish and lends every vertical area an impressive reflection and depth effect.

XTreme Matt convinces with its super matt, velvety finish of fewer than five gloss units. The lacquer surface is resistant and, thanks to the anti-fingerprint effect, is also particularly easy-care and fit for everyday use.

Aesthetic meets robustness: lacquered compact laminates with added value

Inviting design, pleasant feel and outstanding weather and UV resistance - Developed for outdoor use, our innovative lacquered boards Duropal XTerior compact combine unique resistance and high colour stability with a large variety of decors and the highly aesthetic, fine-grained XTerior Matt lacquered surface.

  • wide decor range
  • fine surface look and feel
  • UV and weather resistant thanks to innovative multi-layer laquering
  • easy-care anti-graffiti surface

Whether as easy-care garden furniture or stylish façade elements – outdoor applications become a premium solution with XTerior compact.

Design to the point: lacquered boards in brilliant decor selection

The design diversity of Pfleiderer lacquered boards is reflected in a stylish decor range – from bright plain colours to a realistic wood or stone look through to material reproduction.

To make sure that everything fits together and can be combined in high quality and with stylish aesthetics, all lacquered panels have an optimum combination of colours and decors which can be combined almost limitlessly with the remaining Pfleiderer product range. And even the design of interior and exterior areas with identical decors is possible.

Plan with certainty: BIM data for your projects

Through our digital services you can access all the relevant data of our lacquered boards. Whether interior fittings or façade design, the BIM data of our lacquered boards are available to you for Archicad, AutoCAD, Revit and as Ifc files. Simply choose the required board variant and effortlessly integrate it directly into your design tool.

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Opt for certified quality with our lacquered boards

As a regional manufacturer in Germany, at Pfleiderer you can count on quality and sustainability. With proofs and certificates, our all-round solutions focus makes sure that your future-oriented concepts can be implemented reliably in housing and projects.

Lacquered boards in use – our case studies

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about our lacquered boards

What are lacquered boards?

Lacquered boards are plate-like materials, which have a decorative lacquered surface on one or both sides. The materials used and the visual design of lacquered boards can be very different.

The Pfleiderer Product portfolio includes lacquered boards with wood-based panel core – particleboard or MDF board – and lacquered compact laminate panels. The surface designs are created by decors. A multilayered, innovative lacquer coating ensures a fine, resistant finish in high-gloss or super matt.

What are the advantages of Pfleiderer lacquered boards?

Whether PrimeBoard XTreme or Duropal XTerior compact, lacquered boards made by Pfleiderer are particularly high-quality and are characterised by extraordinary product properties – for economic working and perfect results.

  • Numerous product versions for indoor and outdoor use – for example, low swelling, flame resistant, through-dyed and impact resistant
  • Extensive decor range in colour matching with other Pfleiderer products
  • Super matt look and velvety soft, warm touch as well as high-gloss boards with perfect mirror gloss and fascinating depth effect
  • Anti-fingerprint effect and anti-graffiti properties for particularly easy and fast cleaning
  • Available lacquered on one or both sides, in sizes for low cutting waste and easy to work

Which cores are available for lacquered panels?

The Pfleiderer lacquered boards portfolio includes different types of core materials.

The decorative, multilayered lacquered PrimeBoard XTreme is optionally available with particleboard or MDF core. Alongside standard qualities, you also obtain

  • low-swelling particleboards
  • emission minimised particleboards
  • black through-dyed MDF

Duropal XTerior compact is available with a core material made of black, weather-resistant compact laminate panels. Optionally in standard or fire protection quality.

What sizes are Pfleiderer lacquered panels available?

Pfleiderer offers lacquered boards for indoor use in the 2800 x 2100 millimetre format for minimum cutting waste. Depending on the product, you also have the choice between different thicknesses, which range from 10 to 28 millimetres.

Lacquered boards for exterior use have size 2800 x 2080 millimetres and are available in board thicknesses from 6 to 15 millimetres.

Where are lacquered boards used?

Due to their special look and properties, lacquered boards can be used versatilely. Whether for vertical surfaces of furniture, partitions and cladding in the home, in offices and care facilities, the shop fitting or the catering – with lacquered boards, no limits are set for high-quality interiors.

Lacquered panels also introduce design freedom and fascinating surface appeal into the outdoor area. As an easy-care garden and balcony furniture or as a stylish façade elements, parapets and handrailsUV and weather-resistant lacquered boards offer perfect solutions and special accents.

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