We implemented a Compliance System, which is based on three levels

Prevent, recognice and react.

  • Tone from the Top/Middle
  • Compliance Riskmanagement
  • Guidelines and procedures
  • Training and Communication
  • Advice and support
  • Integration in HR processes
  • Web-based whistleblower system
  • Compliance-Control
  • Monitoring
  • Compliance-Audits
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Implementation of measures
  • Revenge of misconduct
  • Case Management

Business Conduct Guidelines Pfleiderer


The Compliance Manual is a compendium for the compliance guidelines of Pfleiderer. In addition to the Business Conduct Guidelines, it contains further key compliance topics.

Compliance Manual Pfleiderer


The business world changes every day and we are constantly confronted with new challenges. With changes in the company and with ever new legal requirements, we must also constantly rethink and adapt our existing compliance system.

It is important to us that everything we do at Pfleiderer is always above board. Because we feel jointly responsible for people and the environment. Because we want to avoid damage and protect the interests of our business associates. Because we value being a fair partner. Nevertheless, irregularities and injustices are inevitable. We want to counteract this consistently – with the Pfleiderer whistleblower system.

In order to protect our company against compliance risks in a sustainable way, we have decided to set up a web-based whistleblower system so we can be informed as early as possible about potential compliance violations and be able to remedy them straight away. The system offers the possibility of anonymously reporting alleged or demonstrable violations of laws or the Business Conduct Guidelines.

Together, we can protect Pfleiderer against risks.
Web-based whistleblowing system


Tax Compliance

Pfleiderer is committed to tax transparency and responsible tax management, taking into account all stakeholders. Pfleiderer ensures that all tax regulations are respected. National and international tax obligations are fulfilled on an ongoing basis, in particular recording, reporting, documentation and declaration obligations.

We strive to act in accordance with applicable tax calculation and reporting laws and international treaties and tax guidelines (OECD). This means that we prepare and file all required tax returns in a timely manner and provide complete, accurate and timely information to all relevant tax authorities.

CBCR 2021

CBCR 2020