You can feel it straight away: this is a holiday destination. Just a few kilometres from the motorway exit, before you reach the town centre, you will see Pfleiderer’s Leutkirch plant stretching out to your left. This is a site with a storied history and the best perspective on the future.

"We are a committed community here," says plant manager Diethard Singer, "and anyone who looks around the plant and talks to the people can only share this statement. "It may be because there are so many things special here," says the plant manager. Apart from MDF, everything is produced in Leutkirch that many market players produce at individual locations. The company produces 40 million m2 of impregnates alone and 4.5 million m2 of HPL last year. 12 million m2 of directly coated material left the Leutkirch plant in 2017, 1 million hpl bonded boards and more than 400,000 m3 of raw particleboard.

The contract to build the painting system at the Leutkirch site was a milestone for the employees, says Jürgen Schnarr, Chairman of the Works Council and member of the Supervisory Board of the Pfleiderer Group. "The colleagues are very proud to work here and know what they can do. Trusting you and us with the construction and operation of the new plant was a very important signal".

A development in which the community is also interested. There are many reasons for this. The 200,000 m2 site, with the striking chimney in the middle, is surrounded by the city. No one can ignore the great work or do not perceive it. It is therefore important to maintain a good and open neighbourhood. Pfleiderer is also one of the top 3 employers in the community and maintains business relations with more than 290,300 companies in the region.

The Pfleiderer plant attracts many young people. Leonie Häberle is one who absolutely wanted to complete her training with the wood-based materials manufacturer. She is currently in her third year of training as an industrial clerk. Every two to three months she can gain experience in another department - alternating with schooling. She would like to work for Pfleiderer for the long term and has good opportunities. Because qualified new generation is also in the Allgäu increasingly scarce commodity and the need is there.