©Prof. Dieter Leistner Fotografie

The "House for Children" is now a colourful building with excellent conditions for child education. The use of high-quality products from Pfleiderer gave the daycare centre an appealing design. Furthermore, the high wear resistance and great durability of the product used, Duropal Xterior Compact, ensures that the premises will remain for the children and kindergarten teachers for a long time to come. The children have been learning and romping in the new building since autumn 2020 and can enjoy the optimal conditions that the kindergarten offers. These pictures make you want to be a child yourself for a moment!

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architekten dipl. ing. dold+versbach
Photographer:©Prof. Dieter Leistner Fotografie
Products used:

Duropal Xterior Compact

Project consultant:Robert Deuringer

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Duropal XTerior compact - 双面涂漆

紧凑型高压层压材料,根据 EN 438-6:EDS 适用作户外的标准品质应用/根据 EN 438-6:EGS 适用作密集型装饰。具有均匀的黑色型芯和两面装饰的丙烯酸面漆。

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