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Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify the complexity of enterprise clouds and accelerate digital transformation. In doing so, it delivers right answers that are more than just data on a screen. They enable autonomous operations and thus consistently better business results. Because according to Dynatrce, the world needs software that works.

And in order to make it available, it needs not only clever minds, but also a working environment in which it is possible to work innovatively. This is the case in the new office building at the Dynatrce location in Linz, Austria. By using various colours, shapes and materials, including those from Pfleiderer, the team at Planet Architects ZT GmbH has succeeded in creating a modern and colourful workplace that makes grey days colourful and beautiful days even more colourful - for the end result of software that works.


At a glance

Planner/Architect:Planet Architects ZT GmbH
Photographer:© Mark Sengstbratl
Products used:HPL, DecoBoard
Decors used:U15194 Zinkgelb, U15579 Dottergelb, U18008 Java, U18021 Levante, U19501 Granny Smith, U19509 Olive
Project consultant:Christian Schneider

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Duropal HPL

符合EN 438-3 :HGP / VGP标准的,可弯后成型装饰性高压层压板,具有坚固的三聚氰胺树脂表面,背面已砂磨。

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Duropal XTreme

可弯后成型质量的装饰性高压层压板,接近EN 438-3:HGP / VGP,具有坚固的电子束固化表面和砂磨背面。

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Duropal XTreme plus

根据 EN 438-3:HGS/VGS,标准品质的装饰性高压层压材料具有耐磨特性、电子束硬化表面和磨光的背面。

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DecoBoard Real Metal P2


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U15579 (U1579) 蛋黄黄色

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U18008 (U1737) 爪哇蓝

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U19501 (U1877) 绿苹果

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