© Ingrid Fiebak Fotografie

Experience perfect moments on board the new and extraordinary ship Norwegian Encore. Take a spin on a go-kart track high above the sea, dive into a virtual reality wonderland or enjoy a fantastic Broadway show. And for a journey of your taste buds? Here, too, the diverse dining options on board leave nothing to be desired.

And just as for relaxing, the Norwegian Encore offers a wide range of cabins to suit every taste, including those equipped with innovative and design-rich products from Pfleiderer. From ultimate luxury to cosy cabins with connecting doors for the whole family and balcony cabins with private sunbathing space - the Norwegian Encore leaves nothing to be desired. No matter which cabin you choose - everyone will find the perfect home at sea here.

At a glance

Planner/Architect:Tillberg Design of Sweden, Studio Dado, Coral Gables
Fotographer:© Ingrid Fiebak Fotografie
Products used:HPL, DecoBoard, Flat bonded element
Decors used:R20112 Niagara Oak brown RU, U16003 Sand Beige VV
Project consultant:Guido Alrich

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Duropal HPL

符合EN 438-3 :HGP / VGP标准的,可弯后成型装饰性高压层压板,具有坚固的三聚氰胺树脂表面,背面已砂磨。

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Duropal XTreme

可弯后成型质量的装饰性高压层压板,接近EN 438-3:HGP / VGP,具有坚固的电子束固化表面和砂磨背面。

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Duropal XTreme plus

根据 EN 438-3:HGS/VGS,标准品质的装饰性高压层压材料具有耐磨特性、电子束硬化表面和磨光的背面。

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DecoBoard P2


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DecoBoard P2 CARB2


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DecoBoard Real Metal P2


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Duropal 元素 P2

由刨花板建筑组成的扁平粘合元件,符合 EN 312的P2类型, 两侧表面均涂有 Duropal HPL 或 Duropal HPL Metallic.

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Duropal 元素 SolidColor P2

刨花板P2, 型的层压,通过采用 Duropal SolidColor,两面都均匀涂色。耐用的表面和经过验证的核心材料保证了最高的质量和光洁度。

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Duropal 元素 Individual Motiv P2

带有单独数字打印图案,由刨花板芯制成的扁平粘合元件,符合EN 312的P2类型,表面涂有Duropal HPL Individual,背面为白色。

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U16003 (U1343) 沙米色

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