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Wieruszów - big potential in a small village

Wieruszów - big potential in a small village

Foto: Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH


Jerzy Błasiak is a man of the first hour. He was there 40 years ago on 12 March 1977, when the first particleboard was produced in Wieruszów. This was a milestone for the entire region and the basis for success in the Polish furniture industry. At Pfleiderer's Wieruszów site, new standards are still being set, new ideas developed and driven forward. Not least thanks to many employees such as Jerzy Błasiak, who have remained loyal to their company and their region for decades in some cases.

"I remember it well. We had a long day behind us - it was late and already dark outside. When the first record came off the production line, we were all very happy, it was a great feeling and an unforgettable moment," remembers Jerzy Błasiak, one of the approximately 30 remaining employees from the very beginning and now the plant manager for many years, of the start in Wieruszów on 12 March 1977, the beginning of an extraordinary company history.

Wieruszów is located about 100 kilometres east of Wroclaw'in the middle of nowhere'. Design engineer Jan Golanski, who has been with the company since 1974 and is therefore the longest employed employee on site, explains the advantages and disadvantages of this: On the one hand, there was plenty of space to grow and expand the production facilities, but on the other hand, due to a lack of living space in the 1980s, construction had to begin on some 600 apartments that are still in use today.

The Wieruszów plant has also been further optimised with regard to many environmental aspects. Among other things, a new biomass boiler was activated in 2015 and special dryers for dust reduction were installed. "These are just a few of the many measures we have implemented in recent years," reports Andrzej Wojcieszak. "Acting in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner is part of our inner motivation."

This development has also spurred the employees: "I have spent most of my professional life, now almost 43 years, in this plant," says Jan Golanski. "I've always been thrilled and surprised by the constant development." Today, around 460 employees work at Pfleiderer's Wieruszów site. The company produces HPL elements, "Pfleiderer DecoBoard" and "Pfleiderer PremiumBoard", among others.

Of course, the merger of the company's Polish and German locations made it even more international. "The merger was a new, exciting and challenging task for us," says Jan Golanski. "Changes are not always easy to implement in day-to-day work, yet they have proved their worth in this case. The plant director adds that much has been simplified, learned and improved by ONE Pfleiderer and by working together.


Text: Artgerecht Zwo, Jule Milbrett