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Photo: Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH


Representatives of the Federal Environment Ministry and Federal Environment Agency visit Neumarkt 

At the beginning of July, representatives of the Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency visited the Pfleiderer plant in Neumarkt. The background to this visit is the forthcoming amendment of the so-called Waste Wood Ordinance, which regulates which quality criteria must be met when using waste wood in the production of wood materials.

Carsten Möser-Benz (Head of Wood Purchasing) and Dr. Axel Knörr (Head of Environment) explained the process of purchasing scrap wood and quality assurance at Pfleiderer to the guests in detail. The visit was rounded off by a tour of the new waste wood cleaning plant and chipboard production.

The guests were thus able to gain a lasting impression of the current state of the art and the necessary processes with regard to responsible handling of the resource waste wood.

Previously, a visit to "DIE GRÜNEN ENGEL" took place at the processing centre in Nuremberg to inspect the newly installed waste wood processing plant. The aim was to get an impression of the practical processes in a waste wood processing plant according to the current state of the art.


Text: Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH, Eva-Maria Janka