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Pfleiderer makes children's eyes shine

Pfleiderer makes children's eyes shine

Photo: Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH


Visit to the climbing park with the "Kindersuppenküche - die Insel" initiative

Around two million children in Germany live in poverty - also in Gütersloh. Often there is too little money in these families to go on excursions and have little adventures with friends. This is why Pfleiderer has invited the children of the "Kindersuppenküche - die Insel", an initiative of Gütersloher Suppenküche e.V., which, among other things, supports families and children in poverty, to the "grenzenlos" climbing park for one day.

Together with Stefan Derz, head of SCM Pfleiderer, Yasin Atasoy, personnel officer Pfleiderer, Marina Gluchow, trainees Pfleiderer and Inge Rehbein as well as Petra Roggenkamp from the children's soup kitchen, we took the bus to the climbing park. But before the start, they were introduced to the basic rules of the climbing park by the local climbing park team - because the most important basic rule when climbing is to take care of each other and help each other. With big, curious eyes, the 6-14-year-olds listened eagerly until she couldn't keep her in her seats with excitement.

Then finally it went over wobbly obstacles high. Some of the children felt their way forward carefully at first. But little by little they thawed out and moved away more and more safely. "The children had a lot of fun and for some it was a whole new experience," says Yasin Atasoy. The climbing course presented them with various challenges: From a climbing wall to a cable car to various thin, swinging or wobbling obstacles at considerable heights. The climbing park team was always there to help the children. At the end we had a barbecue together, for dessert we had muffins. "The children had a great and unforgettable day in the climbing park," says Inge Rehbein. "Thanks again to Pfleiderer for making this trip possible."


Text: Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH, Eva-Maria Janka