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Photo: © Peter Frese


After 20 years of intensive use, the CaLevornia leisure pool had to undergo a complete renovation. The local Foest Architektur office took the opportunity to restructure the changing area.

After the housing needs in post-war Germany were largely satisfied, a real construction boom of outdoor and indoor swimming pools followed. Cities and municipalities felt obliged to provide for their public needs. What was taken over at the beginning of the 19th century by public baths and bathtubs based on folk hygiene, continued to develop in the modern baths landscape. Architecturally, the often sober concrete buildings subordinated themselves to their function as pure sports facilities.

The city of Leverkusen also had an indoor swimming pool in Bismarckstraße, which could no longer be maintained after 30 years of use, which was ultimately also due to a lack of energetic knowledge in dealing with concrete. In 1998 it was replaced by a new building. The CaLevornia leisure pool is designed as a modern, leisure-oriented family pool. A large-volume hall construction made of glued laminated timber spans the swimming pools, all other areas are solidly constructed. Since its opening, it has been one of the most popular sports and leisure facilities in the region, embedded in a spacious park. The heavy traffic necessarily led to the first renovation work after almost 20 years, especially in the changing and shower areas.

The aim of the commissioned Foest Architektur office was to modernize the heavily used premises on the basis of current regulations and technical requirements, both structurally and constructively, in such a way that they again appear attractive to visitors to the swimming pool. For reasons of hygiene, the 400 square metre changing area was completely gutted. This opportunity offered the opportunity to optimise the room structures and to make the routing more goal-oriented. The integration of the hairdryer and make-up table into the changing room, for example, brought more generosity for the checkout and waiting areas. With the reduction in the number of individual cabins in favour of collective and family cabins, the range of products on offer for groups has increased.

The material and colour design is based on the familiar and familiar impressions of the entire interior, but also takes the opportunity to carefully reinterpret the surfaces. The revised lighting design with brighter, room-zoned direct and indirect ceiling lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere overall. As the demands placed on modern leisure and fun pools are becoming more and more complex, all those involved in the planning process took particular care to ensure that the components were durable, durable and low-maintenance, including the building services engineering.


Text: Pfleiderer Deutschland GmbH