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Between kangaroos and koalas 

Between kangaroos and koalas 

Photos: ©LSA Architects, UA Creative


Pfleiderer’s products are making their way around the world. Even in the land down under, nearly 16,000 kilometres from Europe, architects and designers are choosing to use Pfleiderer’s high quality products. In keeping with the slogan of ‘Inspirations close to you’, they can choose from the entire Design Collection, which is available worldwide. In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, Pfleiderer even has a sales representative based in Australia. He is always on hand to respond to the requirements and requests of our clients in the Antipodes.

Anthony Iverach, Area Manager in Australia at Pfleiderer, has a small office in Sydney and is responsible for customers in Australia and New Zealand. Among the clients there is the architectural agency "LSA Architects". The company has been active in the industry for over 20 years and has already received awards for various luxury properties. When designing its objects, the agency often relies on Pfleiderer products, as is the case with the luxurious apartment in Prahran, a suburb of Melbourne.

The "Vista Prahran Residence" is a two-storey, highly modernised apartment on the top floors of the building. The apartment was originally used as a warehouse. The industrial design maintains this character. At the same time the apartment should reflect the regional location, because Prahan is a suburb with a lot of personality. The decors "Icy White" and "Volcanic Black" from the "Inspirations Close to you" collection were used for this purpose. With the matt laminates we were able to create a great contrast to the shiny window fronts. In addition, the products are very efficient and durable," explains Linda Simons. LSA Architects" won the Trends International Design Award in the category "Architect-Designed Apartment" in 2016 with the all-round successful "Vista Prahran Residence".

The fact that the products were produced 16,000 kilometres away played no role during the project: "The cooperation was always flawless, there were no problems with the delivery and provision of the products, nor any delays," confirms Linda Simons. This makes it possible to have a good organisation and a foresighted planning on site.


Text: Artgerecht Zwo, Jule Milbrett