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A health park for the senses

A health park for the senses



A design concept realised at the Leverkusen Hospital was inspired by its surrounding parkland. It captures various sensory elements from nature in its interior design so that, instead of a hospital atmosphere, a sense of wellbeing develops.


The medical centre of Leverkusen is not called free of charge also "health park". The hospital equipment lies in the middle of the Green and the single part buildings are connected by an excessively invested park with each other. „ We could observe, like well it goes for the patients, but also visitors and employees with her stay in the park, and thus came to us the idea to get the park also in the inside of the hospital“, explains Dorothee Pretending, leading interior designer of the HDR GmbH which has specialised in the construction for health, research and apprenticeship. So that the people can feel the park in the interior in the hospital, one sketched a creation draught with possibly many sensually discernible elements. Inspires from trees, to patches, places, flowers and meadows colour worlds were fixed, but also natural lighting effects and depth effect were adjusted. The sound from the rooms was taken by acoustically effective cover materials. And also the haptics of the products played a big role to appeal to the sense of touch of the patients and visitors, which is why many products with different close to nature structures were obstructed.

The biggest challenge with creation draughts in the health service? The hygiene regulations. All objects and surfaces have to go in this area able of cleaning be wet washable and disinfectable so, without the surfaces lose to colour or other defects originate. Exactly that's why it was worked together with layer material specialists like Pfleiderer. Thus, for example, all sister's bars were made with this project out of "Pfleiderer Duropal HPL SolidColor Kristallweiss". Also the inside bodies of the cupboards in the patient's rooms and the protruding rectangular white elements in parts of the halls were formed with Pfleiderer Produkten. The layer materials are so liked in this sector also, therefore because they are exceptionally a push and scratch-resistant. And also the fire prevention requirement B1 could be fulfilled with these products easily.

The architects of the project are very glad about the fact that thanks to the numerous possibilities which Pfleiderer with layer materials and the decoration variety and structural variety offers also such unusual creation draughts can be moved in the health sector. They already work many years with products of Pfleiderer and are still inspired of the high quality and the easy Verarbeitbarkeit.


Text: Artgerecht Zwo, Jule Milbrett