Product Policy

All production at our sites is not only carried out to the highest quality standards, but also in accordance with an environmental management system certified to DIN EN ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. Each process is continuously optimised under the aspects of sustainability and environmental compatibility. In Neumarkt, Gütersloh and Baruth, Pfleiderer therefore uses its own combined heat and power plants for the production of high-quality engineered wood, which are approved and operated in accordance with the strictest limits in Germany (17th BImSchV). For the generation of electricity and heat, by-products from production that are no longer usable as materials, such as sanding dust, are thermally recycled. The combined heat and power plants work exclusively with wood, which is no longer suitable for further use in the material cycle. In this way, Pfleiderer succeeds in producing high-quality, individual wood-based materials largely energy self-sufficiently and without releasing additional CO2 from fossil fuels.

Within the framework of cascade use, we process wood and derived timber products prepared in accordance with the Waste Wood Ordinance for our quality products – free of mineral and metallic components as well as chemical and organic impurities. Only tested wood of quality classes A1 and A2 is reused as post-consumer recycled material in the production of new wood-based panels. Together with production residues from the sawmill industry, pre-consumer recycling and thinning wood from forestry, we thus achieve a recycling quota of 2/3. And make the felling of trees for our panels obsolete.

From Gluing to Impregnation

Sustainable Processing Guaranteed

Not only with wood, but also in all steps of further processing and refinement, we attach importance to the use of sustainable materials and production processes. The gluing of our raw chipboard and fibreboard is carried out in closed systems and we are continuously researching to improve glue formulas. We only use paper for decor coating. We process up to 9,000 tonnes of decor paper per year. For impregnation, we use melamine resin or a mixture of melamine resin and urea to impregnate the paper before it is applied to the chipboard on the laying belt under heat and pressure. We produce the resins for the melamine and phenol impregnation of our highpressure laminate (HPL) boards ourselves to ensure the high durability and homogeneity of the HPL products.

Because theoretical safety is not safe enough at Pfleiderer, we operate a central analysis department at our Arnsberg site. There we test our boards for impurities, organohalogen compounds such as PCP and chlorine, and measure formaldehyde emissions in our own test chambers in order to guarantee the safety of our products.

„In former times, high-quality waste wood was simply disposed of, but today it can still be processed up to three times into new boards for longlasting use in furniture and interior design.“

Claus Seemann

Head of Product Management Raw Panels

Element Production

for Sustainable Interior Design

In our element production, we process our high-pressure laminates and raw boards into HPL elements – either into composite elements with open edges or into postforming elements that can be installed as kitchen worktops, for example. Raw chipboard or fibreboard can be used for this purpose – even those with special properties such as moisture resistance or fire protection. Many of our products are so environmentally friendly, sustainable and healthy to live with that they have even been certified with the Blue Angel label, according to CARB / CARB II and/or according to the Japanese emissions standard JIS F**** as well as, most recently, according to the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Programme. Most products are also available with PEFC or FSC certification.

Find Your Product

Production: Particleboard

At our sites in Neumarkt, Gütersloh and Leutkirch, we manufacture particleboard.

Production: Fibreboard

At our Baruth site, we manufacture fibreboard, better known as MDF or HDF.

Production: Melamine Facing (MFC)

At our sites in Gütersloh, Leutkirch and Neumarkt, we manufacture value-added wood-based panels.

Production: HPL

We love wood. And we love what we make out of it. This is, among other things, H - P - L.

Production: Elements

At our Arnsberg and Leutkirch sites we process our high pressure laminates and raw core materials into HPL flat bonded elements.

Production: PrimeBoard and Duropal XTerior compact

Here at Pfleiderer’s Leutkirch site, we have the largest HotCoating line in the world using state-of-the-art technology.

On this line we produce PrimeBoard, a very high-quality material made from particleboard or fibreboard, with finishes including mirror-gloss or super matt with anti-fingerprint effect, for furniture manufacture and interior fitting. Just as refined and robust is Duropal XTerior compact, Pfleiderer’s first high-pressure laminate for exterior applications.

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