New woods

Elegant, exquisite fruit tree woods

R42060 Toulouse cherry light

Elegant, exquisite fruit tree woods create a calm contrast to oak, ash and the like. The striped all-over pattern Toulouse Cherry – developed exclusively for Pfleiderer – was launched in 2021 in a classic darker shade of cherry; it is now joined by a lighter version with an understated interplay of colours and a silky-looking surface finish. It goes perfectly with dark taupe shades such as "Fjord" or "Labrador", and upgrades mother-of-pearl decors.

Striped Italian walnut

R30158 Noce Giovanelli

This all-over pattern of striped Italian walnut features curved sections and subtle contrasts. The pores are emphasised by their darkness and sharp outline. Due to the lack of any growth details, Noce Giovanelli looks clear and plain. Rather than relying on the interplay between a wide range of colours, it has been upgraded with a mother-of-pearl effect that looks sophisticated, especially in combination with metallic decors. It goes well with cool shades of green and dark blue.

American walnut

R30159 Preston

The decor Preston was developed exclusively for Pfleiderer and is based on American walnut. Striped, planked and quarter cut with the tiniest of knotholes, this walnut looks lively yet nevertheless orderly. The subtle interplay of colours is underlined by the clear contrasts in the grain. The look is completed by metal decors, textiles and plains in shades of taupe. Preston is as suitable for horizontal use as it is for large areas on fronts and carcasses.

Extremely versatile crown cut planked birch

R35026 Oilanka birch

Light woods are making a comeback, as they add an uncomplicated and casual touch to interiors. However, they should not be too plain; Oulanka Birch is therefore an extremely versatile crown cut planked birch decor that impresses with dark crotch figures, sections with curly figures and an interplay of colours that range from grey to brandy. Oulanka Birch creates a warm, cosy background for cheerful, daring combinations with large-scale graphic decors, textiles or metals.


Less rustic and more subtle

R20453 Shelby Oak 

Oak is still the most commonly used type of wood. It is becoming less rustic and more subtle, the colour nuances warmer and softer. Shelby Oak, a lively oak with an "all-over" crown cut pattern, embodies the new generation of oak decors. The soft, earthy hue of the colour shade goes well with the trendy "Powder" shades. Shelby Oak is suitable for all furniture and interior design uses and goes perfectly with neutral shades of grey and material decors that are low in contrasts.

Natural is the top priority

R20455 Balvenie oak sand & 
R20456 Balvenie oak tobacco

Where woods are concerned, a natural aesthetic is the top priority. The authenticity of Balvenie Oak is due to understated dark splits, small knotholes and the generously-spaced grain and cathedrals of the crown cut planks. The colour "Tobacco" is an exquisite combination option for cool metals and materials in blueish nuances. Fresh chromatic plain colours in petrol shades upgrade the classy wood shade. Balvenie Oak is an exclusive Pfleiderer development and suitable for absolutely all uses. It is complemented by a lighter version, R20455 Balvenie Oak Sand.

Modern matt oak texture

RO Rochester

The universal texture Rochester can easily be used on all hardwoods. It looks extremely authentic and inviting - making plain decors look like freshly varnished wood. The striped design of the grain is brought to life by the elongated, sharp-edged pores. The edges are of varying steepness, and the depressions are sometimes more, sometimes less matt, which creates an exciting interplay between the different degrees of matt – all the way to jet black, completely dull pores. An overriding pattern of extremely fine lines cuts across the more open areas. The new matching Rochester will initially be launched as a MFC texture; the HPL texture will follow in the spring of 2023.

Rustic oak decors

Range Artisan Oak

Artisan Oak Natural is bang on trend as the subtle successor of the very rustic oak types. Thanks to the varied planked grain with whole cathedrals, this oak looks authentic and lively. The natural blackened knots and knotholes, alongside the dark grain, provide a clear contrast to the warm natural shade and are particularly distinctive.

On the extremely versatile grey version Artisan Oak Grey, the contrasts are considerably less pronounced; the distinctive details are interpreted in colours that are a little warmer. Artisan Oak White is even more understated and therefore also an option for large areas that do not permit too many repetitions of recognisable details.

Artisan Oak Anthracite is another new addition, a dark version with a grain and background that are monochrome and low in contrasts. It radiates calm and elegance.

Anthracite colour

R20454 Artisan Oak Anthracite

Artisan Oak Anthracite is the fourth colour in the Pfleiderer Artisan range. Crown cut, planked, lively, yet nevertheless well-balanced. The typical, distinctive blackened knots are absorbed by the dark anthracite shade, which makes the decor considerably lower in contrasts than the versions in natural and grey. It therefore looks very homogeneous and understated, and can be used not only for furniture fronts but also for furniture carcasses and interiors.


Dynamic stripes

R55088 Bosco pine

Vibrant softwoods offer a fresh alternative to the classic hardwoods like oak or ash. The dynamic stripes of the Bosco Pine, irregular and planked with a grain that is sometimes closer, and sometimes wider apart, enriched with single knots, creates a very authcnetic look. The brushed grain is rich in contrasts and relies on a colour spectrum that ranges from ochre to mud shades. Bosco Pine is particularly suitable for large areas on living room furniture as well as tables and worktops.

Abundance of liveliness

R55089 Oregon pine

Oregon Pine has an abundance of liveliness: wide planked, with whole brushed cathedral figures, knots and filled areas as well as a rough looking surface. It features a wider spectrum of colours – ranging from beige via warm shades of brown to warm to cool grey. The grain is rich in contrasts and also contributes to this pine's striking look. In terms of colour and content, it will always dominate over the decors added. Oregon Pine is a wonderful main protagonist for living room furniture and in interior design.

Straight lined, purist, calming

R55087 Valetta pine

Straight lined, purist, calming. Valetta Pine is an unusual softwood, completely without the typical details. It is brought to life simply by the subtle lightness contrasts in the linear all-over pattern of the grain. The colour spectrum is understated; the surface looks matt. The decor creates a sophisticated, but not excessively elegant background for warm plain colours, metals and textiles. Particularly new and exciting are combinations with golden shades.