The renewable, natural and healthy raw material wood has always provided the best arguments for its responsible use as a “green material”. We meet our responsibility for people, the environment and resources in diverse ways. To this end, we check and improve continuously the efficiency, up-to-dateness and implementation of our complex environmental management.

Working in close cooperation with Dutch partners, we achieve the highest ecological, social and economic standards, which far exceed the legal requirements, so that our customers can use the high-quality Pfleiderer products with a clear conscience. From the origin of the raw material wood to its environmentally-friendly processing through to transport, these principles are consistently reflected in all areas of the company.

Against the background of current developments and changing societal awareness, the demand for an integrated circular economy is becoming increasingly important. In this context too, Pfleiderer faces its responsibility as a production company.


Achieving a circular economy has an important key function for Pfleiderer. The circular economy describes a regenerative system, whose objective is to reduce the use of resources and energy, waste production and emissions to an unavoidable minimum. To achieve this, energy and material cycles should be effectively slowed down, reduced and ultimately closed.
Catchwords such as resource shortage, climate change and carbon emissions clearly illustrate the current relevance of effective environmental management, in which the circular economy plays a significant role.
In addition to the longest possible use period of wood products, the means of choice is useful recovery. In this way, the circular economy supports active protection of valuable resources and furthermore, contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions, air, water and soil pollution as well as considerable energy savings. The circular economy therefore makes an important contribution to ensuring we meet our far-reaching responsibility for man and the environment. Effective recycling and recovery management thus also provides Pfleiderer with additional sales arguments in a changing market.

Recycling without quality losses

Thanks to innovative technologies and perfected recycling management, the materials from re-used wood effortlessly meet the tried and tested Pfleiderer quality and health standards.
To fulfil the highest standards reliably, first of all, foreign materials such as metals, non-metals, plastics, sand and stones are separated from the wood. Through careful sorting and controls, we ensure that only uncontaminated waste wood is fed into the material recovery.
In this way, Pfleiderer ensures environmentally friendly, healthy and high-quality wood-based panels – first-class products, even in the second life cycle of the green raw material!

Ecological responsibility at Pfleiderer

At Pfleiderer, we put environmental protection and sustainability into practice through diverse approaches. In addition to recycling and the recovery of waste wood material, we set the strictest selection criteria for the purchase of the valuable raw material wood. All of our material comes from sustainably managed forests.
Within the scope of comprehensive voluntary self-commitment and continuous certification, Pfleiderer actively commits itself far beyond its legal obligations. The environmental compatibility of our production means, processes and the materials we process are natural givens for us. We dispense with the use of preservatives and organic solvents in the production of our particleboards and fibreboards. Our environmental management system to EN ISO 14001 as well as ISO 50001, the certifications to PEFC™ and FSC® as well as our membership of the wood-based panel quality association are only a few examples of our active commitment to the protection of our environment.
We also address the optimum combination of ecology and economy within the scope of our research and development. With new, innovative products such as our multi-award-winning BalanceBoard, we can reduce wood consumption with a high fraction of particularly fast-growing raw materials. The stability as well as the machinability, processability and usability of the board remains unlimited, despite 30 percent weigh reduction.
Our environmentally-friendly fleet and perfected logistics structure implement careful handling of resources and reducing environmental impacts in transport too. All trucks of our forwarding company, Jura Spedition, meet the clean and fuel-saving Euro 6 emission standard. Empty trips are avoided through carefully thought out tour planning.
Finally, our environmental management is rounded off by best possible energy use. By-products such as sanding dust as well as material unsuitable for use as material are recovered thermally in our company’s own combined heat and power plants in Neumarkt, Gütersloh
and Baruth. These energy plants operate solely with the renewable raw material wood, which is no longer suitable for use in the material cycle – and do so with above-average efficiency: As a wood-based panel manufacturer, we need heat throughout the whole year, and can use it to dry the wood chips and to heat the presses.
Pfleiderer produces high-quality, individual wood-based panels, with energy independence and without releasing additional CO2 – for quality with a clear conscience!


FSC ® license code: FSC-C011773