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The Panzerhalle in Salzburg in Austria is a place of contrasts: The historic building that was still used for storing military materials just a few years ago is now used for companies, restaurants, co-working spaces and event locations. A particular highlight with respect to the interior fitout is the beauty and style loft with its extraordinary box-in-box concept. Here, self-employed hairdressers, make-up professionals, masseurs, beauticians and tattoo artists work in a continuous area with fluid transitions. This is not only innovative as a business model – it is also, from a purely visual perspective, far removed from the stereotypical pale pink and the old-fashioned pomp.

Providing space for a stimulating atmosphere

How can the loft character of an industrial warehouse be preserved, whilst at the same time creating retreats for beauty treatments such as waxing, tattooing or pedicures? Smartvoll Architects from Vienna have answered these questions thoroughly with their concept for the interior fitout. With a design that preserves the retro chic of the former magazine building – and segments it according to the new usage concept at the same time. The balancing act between old and new, large-scale and practicable, extrovert and intimate, straightforward and playful is achieved in a fascinating way in the beauty salon at the Panzerhalle through the use of individually designed compartments.

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Striking meets practical

Pfleiderer’s wood-based materials played an important role in the realisation of this concept in several respects: whilst the open room layout was to be preserved, retreats had to be created for what were, in some cases, rather intimate applications. This required materials that can exist visually in the impressive setting of the Panzerhalle, that foster the desired vibrant look and yet meet the various requirements for practicality and hygiene. Smartvoll Architects and the Project Developer Marco Sillaber from Gusswerk Salzburg chose DecoBoard. Firstly because the material is easy to process and can be flexibly integrated into the building structure to achieve the planned segmentation. And secondly because a robust core, easy-care surface and a durable melamine resin finish permanently meet the mechanical and hygienic requirements through use, cleaning and disinfection. Glass would also have been suitable for the desired aesthetic – but the material is more delicate, even with special tempering. It is also in a different price league at the required level of quality.

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Visual trick

The architects are consistently using their imagination in the design of the individual compartments – with a detailed surface design, which is surely unique in this form thanks to customised decors. The space is supposed to appear animated and to present itself to the beholder in a different way from every angle – when strolling through, when entering the beauty loft, when waiting, during the treatment. At the same time, you should be able to tell which beauty discipline each compartment belongs to by looking at it. In order to realise this principle, which is based on the basic concept of a non-hierarchical space, the artist Jonathan Calugi was commissioned to design his own decors in the style of the pop art icon James Rizzi. In the graphic patterns which repeat in larger areas, hands, hair, lips and bodies wrap around one another. In the tattoo studio, the patterns feature earthier motifs such as anchors, crosses, pirate beards and pin-up girls. A total of three motifs have been developed. In the beauty loft’s reception area, all three are combined to form a fourth design.

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Reference details:

Decor design (4 motifs): Jonathan Calugi

Product: DecoBoard P2 Individual

Architect: Christian Kircher, Smartvoll Architects,, Vienna

Completion: 2016

Technology that opens up perspectives

The use of Pfleiderer Individual made it possible to realise the design. The innovative digital printing process for wood-based materials allows us to realise individual motifs as customised decors – on melamine resin-coated DecoBoard, as a high-pressure laminate (HPL), as an HPL compact laminate and as an HPL composite element. In the case of the Panzerhalle, DecoBoard P2 was used in front and carcass quality. Particular advantage: the high starting quality of the wood-based material – and its easy-care surface – is not impaired by the customisation. The interior fitout can take place without compromising the quality, the workability and the durability. Marc Sillaber believes that a balance between beauty, practicality and cost-effectiveness can be found here: after almost five years, he is still impressed by the Individual printing concept – and is once again bringing it into the discussion with respect to new projects in 2021.

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The visionary overall design by Smartvoll Architects has also impressed the International Forum Design Jury. In March 2017, the Panzerhalle was awarded the coveted iF Design Gold Award. It represents a professional confirmation of what every visitor inevitably feels when entering the beauty salon: A very special place has been created here and sets new aesthetic standards!


Products used

Duropal HPL Individual Motiv

High pressure laminate of standard quality with individual digital printed motifs based on EN 438-3:HGS/VGS. The reverse is sanded ready for gluing. Our well-known Individual world from just 1 piece upwards, where your image files can be used as a motif.

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DecoBoard Individual Motiv P2

Urea resin bonded particleboard with individual digital print motifs in direct facing method, awarded with the Blue Angel. The front face is printed as required, the standard reverse is white.

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