Medical practice Dr. Viehmann
Gießen, Germany
Heikaus Cologne
Bar, Wall claddings

Space-defining Art

The design of medical practices has long since become an architectural task. The standard equipment is no longer sufficient to permanently bind patients to themselves. In Gießen, a dermatologist managed to set up an appealing practice on 160 square metres in one of the old buildings that had been spared from war and post-war modernism.

The high rooms on the 1st floor appear bright and friendly due to the white painted walls and ceilings with their stucco decorations. The dark wood-look floor "grounds" the rooms. Existing elements of the old building, such as the entrance door, bay windows and the ventilation flaps in the high windows, which are accentuated by the glazing bars, were retained and decisively integrated into the overall concept.

Both the front of the white reception desk and the replaced room doors were subsequently equipped with cash registers. This restraint tolerates the surprising colour combinations: In the waiting room, a pastel blue, high-pile, round carpet creates an island on which modern shell chairs in blue/green shades form a pleasant round seating area. A bench niche with matching colour upholstery offers further opportunities to sit down. The lining of this niche is kept in a golden tone - a daring but successful contrast, which continues in the open wardrobe right next to it. The golden coat hangers and door handle and the modern chandelier in the middle of the room almost resemble a theatre production.

The tightrope walk between modern and classic is also reflected in the entrance area. The delicate white wall luminaires not only create a pleasant illumination of the long corridor, they also indicate the occupancy of the treatment rooms.

In order to visually distinguish the functional rooms on the opposite side from the examination area, the architect Stefan Roller from Heikaus Interior chose a room-high wall covering with a decoration of triangles in mint and gold, following the logo of the doctor's practice. Pfleiderer's individual programme made it possible to apply this decor to the wall surface as a digital print. The room-determining "art" underlines the special feature of this medical practice.

Textures used