Ariane Hotel
Ypern, Belgium
Sutherland Design B.V SittardSuze Wolffs
Cabinets, Desks

A jewel in West Flanders

Ypres looks back on an eventful history. Today, the small town with its medieval city centre, the Saint Martin's Cathedral as a former bishop's seat and its fortifications is a popular destination for weekend excursions and cultural trips. To explore the historic city centre, the Hotel Ariane with its central location offers the best conditions.

Started small, finished big

Pascal Sutherland is the owner of Sutherland Design, a hotel and restaurant interior design studio based in Sittard, the Netherlands. When he was asked to come to Hotel Ariane in Ypres in 2018, it was to rework the bar stools in the individual rooms. But the comparatively long journey was worth it: Sutherland's suggestions appealed to the management right away. And so well, in fact, that it didn't just stay with the bar stools. Sutherland Design was commissioned at the end of 2019 to revise the interior design for all 62 rooms and the reception area of the hotel.

Timeless elegance, skilfully staged

The design by Sutherland Design combines a high standard of design with the practical requirements of hotel operations: clear colour and form language and unambiguous lines create an extremely coherent, natural overall impression. At the same time, haptic contrasts, the skilful play with materiality and décors as well as individual striking accessories create rooms that impress with functionality without appearing impersonal.

Best basis for lasting aesthetics

As is customary at Sutherland Design, the interior fittings and furniture in the Hotel Ariane were planned by the in-house design team, all contractors involved were coordinated from a single source and the property was handed over to the client ready for use. The extremely realistic wood and stone decors of the Pfleiderer wood materials used lend the guest rooms the desired naturalness. In addition, easy-care surfaces in HPL and direct coating quality as well as high-quality substrate materials ensure that the new furnishings retain their look and functionality in the long term.