Future Needs Sustainability

„We live up to our responsibility for people, the environment and resources in many different ways. To this end, we continuously review and improve the efficiency, currency and implemen­tation of our complex sustainability and environmental management.“

Dr. Frank Herrmann

Chief Operating Officer, Pfleiderer Group

Changed Consumer Awareness

In view of the increasing shortage of raw materials, the overexploitation of nature and the consequences of climate change, sustainable thinking is increasingly becoming a question of survival for our entire civilisation.

Current developments have also brought about a change in public thinking: Many people have become more sensitive to environmental issues and are striving to make their everyday lives more sustainable. This new social awareness generates a growing demand for sustainably produced goods, which we as a company are happy to meet.

Sustainability Guides all our Actions

Since its beginnings, Pfleiderer has relied entirely on the renewable, natural and healthy material wood. Sustainable thinking has therefore always played a major role in Pfleiderer's corporate philosophy. Sustainability is part of our high quality standards and thus also firmly integrated into our continuous improvement process.

We want our customers to be able to rely on Pfleiderer's high-quality products and services with a clear conscience. That is why we set the bar very high for the common standards with our partners. From the origin of the raw material wood, through environmentally friendly processing, to transport and recycling, these principles are consistently reflected in all areas of the company.

Raw Materials from Sustainable Production

At Pfleiderer, sustainability and environmentally conscious action begins with the purchase of the valuable raw material wood. The strictest selection criteria apply here, and we use material from sustainable forestry without exception.

Recycling Management as a Sustainable Model for the Future

With the growing environmental awareness, the demand for a holistically oriented circular economy is also becoming increasingly important. Here too, Pfleiderer is facing up to its corporate responsibility and has been working for many years to establish its production processes at all its sites as a regenerative system and to optimise them continuously. Our goals are in this process:

  • Reduction of the use of resources and energy
  • Avoidance of air, water and soil pollution
  • Minimising emissions and waste production

In this way, we want to make material and energy cycles even more efficient in the medium term and ultimately close them.

Research & Development in the Service of the Environment

Our internal research and development activities also focus on sustainability. The goal is,

  • to achieve an optimal balance between ecology and economy
  • reduce wood consumption through intelligent recycling
  • and at the same time to guarantee the highest, long-lasting product quality

Long-Term Product Life Cycle and Comprehensive Recycling

With its durability and sensible recycling strategies, wood as a raw material offers the ideal conditions for establishing an effective recycling management system.

With innovative technologies and sophisticated recycling management, Pfleiderer, together with external partners, succeeds in creating new products from recycled wood that effortlessly meet the highest health and quality standards. To achieve this, it is at first necessary to separate foreign materials such as metals, nonmetals, plastics, sand and stones from the wood. Through careful sorting and controls we ensure that only unpolluted waste wood is used for material recycling. In this way Pfleiderer guarantees environmentally friendly, healthy and high-quality engineered wood – first-class products even in the second life cycle of the green raw material.

„Effective recycling and reuse management thus provides Pfleiderer with additional sales arguments in a changing market.“

Carsten Möser-Benz

Head of Wood Purchasing

Sustainability in Production and Logistics

As a sustainably positioned company, Pfleiderer strives to use energy as efficiently as possible in its production processes. By-products such as grinding dust and materials that are unsuitable for material use are thermally reused in our own combined heat and power plants in Neumarkt, Gütersloh and Baruth.

The energy plants used here work exclusively with wood that is no longer suitable for the material cycle – and with above-average efficiency, since we as a manufacturer of wood-based materials require energy and heat throughout the year and can use this for drying the chips and heating the presses.

In logistics, Pfleiderer's environmentally friendly fleet also focuses on the careful use of our resources. All the trucks in our JURA Spedition fleet comply with the clean and fuel-efficient Euro 6 emissions standard, and empty runs are avoided by 05 means of well thought-out route planning.

„Pfleiderer produces high-quality, individual woodbased materials almost energy self-sufficiently and without releasing additional CO2 – for quality with a clear conscience!“

Olaf Maasjost

Manager of the CHP plants

Certifications: Safety and Transparency for Our Customers

Pfleiderer underlines its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection by providing complete certification of all processes along the entire value chain. After all, we attach great importance to making our efforts in sustainability management as efficient as possible for customers and partners.

The environmental compatibility of our means of production, processes and processed materials is a matter of course for us. In the production of chipboard and fibreboard, we avoid the use of conservation agents, wood protection agents and organic solvents.

Our environmental management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. We are also member of the Quality Association for Wood-based Panels and are certified according to PEFC and FSC. An overview of all certifications and quality seals can be found on page Certifications.

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