Guidelines for leadership and cooperation

Our "Guidelines for Leadership and Cooperation" are basic rules on which we base our day-to-day work and daily cooperation. For us, leadership and cooperation are key issues on the road to the future and determine the question of whether and how we achieve our goal of being successful and profitable. The high expectations of our customers as well as the constantly changing challenges of a constantly changing market environment require a clear line with regard to leadership and cooperation.

With these guidelines, we have agreed on basic rules that should give us stability and orientation. It is about leadership, organisation, responsibility and the inner attitude towards the company and each other.

Managers, employees and works councils from all areas were equally involved in the joint development of our guidelines. Therefore, our guidelines are a common cause that you will encounter every day in our company. You can download our guidelines here.

1. We live a future-oriented management culture We treat our employees with esteem and lead by example. Managers and employees see themselves as partners who challenge and support each other. Working together as partners is in the overall interest of the company.
Our self-confidence is based on performance and our willingness to learn. Success confirms us and gives us strength. Mistakes are our incentive for improvement. The ability and willingness to criticize are essential leadership qualities. We discuss openly and fight respectfully for optimal results.

2. We develop goal-oriented organisational structures We create clear structures with clear responsibilities for managers and employees. We accelerate our processes through short and transparent decision paths.
To strengthen our performance, we reduce unnecessary complexity and constantly optimize our business and work processes. Productive and constructive internal cooperation ensures the efficiency of our processes.

3. We strengthen the capabilities of our managers and employees by specifically promoting their competencies and their development within the company. In this way, we ensure both solidarity and self-confidence. We promote entrepreneurial action by transferring goals and responsibility. We recognize the achievement of jointly agreed goals in a team or as an individual achievement. In this way, we create a climate of performance, inner participation and trust. Performance pays off for us. The trusting cooperation is essential for the success of our company. This is also the basis for respectful cooperation with our employee representatives.

4. We are reliable and measure ourselves by our statements We communicate fully, clearly and promptly. We stand by our statements and commitments and are measured by our actions. Through open and respectful communication, we ensure predictability and thus create security and orientation. In cooperation with our customers and other business partners, we act in a service-oriented manner.

5. Are we a responsible company? We are committed to our core values: Innovation, trust, performance, responsibility and identification. We inspire our employees with these values and thus create an essential basis for the economic success and value enhancement of our company. We act in the interest of our investors and in responsibility for our employees and business partners as well as for the environment, state and society. We treat the company assets entrusted to us by our investors responsibly. We respect the tried and tested and combine it with something new. In doing so, we are constantly building on our strengths.