The ideal start for university graduates

As part of our trainee program, you will familiarize yourself with the practical side of the job and learn how to take on responsibility. The proximity to our managers and management enables you to observe, learn and engage in a dialogue that helps you to assess situations and make decisions. We support your development with targeted measures and prepare you for assuming a responsible position in the company. These include project work, qualification measures, a mentoring programme and participation in a social project.

A program tailored to your needs: As a graduate of a commercial or technical degree program, we will familiarize you with the practical side of the business in our 18-month trainee program. During your operational work in the specialist department or in one of our local plants, you will be actively involved in the day-to-day business and gradually assume responsibility for the processing of various tasks. You will get to know neighboring departments and other locations. Training measures, mentoring, project work and regular development meetings are an integral part of our trainee program.

If you want to achieve a lot, you need opportunities! In the commercial field, we are looking preferably for graduates in the fields of business administration, industrial engineering and business informatics. In the technical field, you should ideally have a degree in wood technology, production/process engineering, mechanical engineering or industrial engineering. Our trainee program has started. For this reason, there are currently no vacancies. The building blocks of our trainee program Development interviews: At least every 6 months, a standardized interview takes place between your supervisor and you. You will receive feedback and make further agreements for your personal and professional development. Cross-mentoring: At the beginning of your trainee program, you get to know your mentor. The mentors come from the ranks of managers and accompany you during the trainee period in self-organized meetings. In cross-mentoring, the mentors come from other areas of the company than those in which the trainees are deployed. Qualifications: Depending on the needs of our trainees, we offer training on various topics. Communication and cooperation are offered, as well as project management, personality development, presentation techniques and a business management simulation. Social project: A highlight in the final months of the trainee program is the social project. The trainees will acquire a suitable project and implement it with the support of the company. Project work: The trainee project is one of the core elements of the trainee program. In a group with other trainees you will work on a project from the company. You will be supported by the client of the project. Of course, you will also present the results of the project to the managers.

Exchange within the Group: One of the aims of the trainee program is also to support the formation of networks. You also have the opportunity to work at other locations for a limited period of time and get to know the processes and people involved.

Start and finish: In a joint kick-off event, our trainees get to know each other as well as important contacts in the company and the company itself. A fitting degree marks the end of the trainee program. This is an opportunity to sum up and share the experience gained from the trainee program with managers from the company.